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I’m here for two reasons: 1. because Christ saves and 2. because logic is part of who he is.  "God is a rational being, the architecture of whose mind is logic." -Gordon H. Clark

I am a P.K.--"pastor's kid." Growing up, I could see that most people tend to trust their perception of reality--their sense of what is true about the world.  I wondered why more people don't fear getting it wrong.  There is only one set of true answers about the world; what are the odds of a person being born into the right belief system or of accurately working out the answers on his own?  For those who might be born into the right belief system, what's it really worth if they're simply going to take those truths as granted based on tradition? I wanted to get to the bottom, to know what is really real. To do that, I knew I would need a reliable way to evaluate ideas and to check my bias in the process. You can read more about this in the preface of my booklet

Importantly, I didn’t place my faith in Christ for salvation until well after this process of evaluation. The booklet and several pieces on this site were written prior to this point. So, I need to be clear that, even when a person becomes convinced of the authenticity of the Bible, intellectual assent is worth very little on its own. My dad's tract "What is the Gospel?" helps to answer what else is needed. Still, for ruling out the possibility of confirmation bias on my own part, putting pen to paper was useful for me. And perhaps someone else is on the same road, so I will leave these particular writings here for them.

Me (in Thomas Jefferson's backyard) enjoying the sunshine. 

I am a proud USAF wife,
mother of four,
Liberty University student,

and apologist (self-evidentialist).

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