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  • Welcome! I'm the very proud wife of a USAF air traffic controller and a homeschooling mother of four.  Seeking objective certainty of the truth of God's Word was only a stepping stone on my way to Christ, but it was a duty I took very seriously.  The booklet and resources that are available on this site were borne out of this period of intense, systematic searching.  Faith in Christ stands in contrast to an intellectual assent to the truth of the Bible, and it is my hope that those who stumble on this page will in time find themselves not only convinced of the truth of the Bible, but will respond with repentance and faith in Christ.

  • I am an author and apologist; my booklet and resources can be found below. I advocate a new branch of apologetics—one I call "self-evidential apologetics"—in which the Bible’s authority/ authenticity is evaluated, verified, and defended on the basis of self-evident logic (no brain-twisting logical arguments, jumping straight from theism to Christianity,  or arguing for the existence of God--as per Romans 1).​​

About me, Sarah Clifton:


Your central goal--providing readers with tools to help them evaluate worldviews--is excellent...Your writing is clear, straightforward, and succinct; you have a gift for laying out complex information logically. The crime scene comparisons help make a potentially abstract concept much more understandable for concrete thinkers. The content [of your booklet] is helpful and much-needed in today’s culture.

-The Writer's Edge 

I found your summaries hit a real sweet spot with me as they are wonderfully concise without being simplistic…You have a wonderful way of cutting right to the chase. You take some complicated issues and make them plain. God has blessed you with a wonderful gift and I, for one, am so glad you are using it to honour him.
-Dawn K.


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Has science rendered religion obsolete or are scientists merely attempting to usurp the critical role that religion plays in a worldview investigation?

The most common worldview approaches--perhaps unexpectedly--betray a desire to avoid the truth and arrive at an explanation of one's own choosing.

Too often, valuable debate time is wasted arguing peripheral issues when the argument is core-oriented in nature and can only be tackled as such.  This list of prerequisites identifies several fundamental areas of disagreement and is progressive (each point building upon the previous), helping debaters identify which areas of disagreement should be tackled first.

Though atheistic principles are not codified in a manner typical of a theistic religion, atheists are almost unanimous in elevating science as the ultimate authority...Read more

If you are unable to accurately identify what a fact is in the context of an investigation (any investigation), you will have no objective basis for evaluating the reliability/explanatory power of any truth claims or theories...Read more

A systematic breakdown of the general categories of observable evidence in the larger cosmos and within our world. This document can be used as a companion reference for the booklet, How We Can Know Who Truly Knows: Guidelines for Worldview Evaluation.

Christians are often told that the Bible and its accompanying claims do not qualify as "real evidence." This brief article exposes the misconceptions behind this argument.

Conventional thought ascribes the origin of the theory of evolution to a neutral and objective examination of the evidence, but Darwin’s writings and correspondences make it clear that he was driven by a desire to distance God from the suffering, waste, and (what he perceived to be) gross repetition in the natural world...Read More

A Vimeo slideshow of an older version of Part One of my booklet, How We Can Know Who Truly Knows. Although much of the content of Part One has since changed, this may be a helpful introduction to worldview and worldview evaluation.

written by my father, Bill Cain, pastor of Sovereign Grace Church in Valparaiso, FL.

A list of movies and TV series that are free of sensuality and immodesty.

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